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Certification of Signature by Licensed Attorney with 25 Years 

The world we live in is fertile ground for schemers, fraudsters and manipulators. Certification of signatures is a legal way of providing a certain document with credibility, or to validate and legalize other documents.

Considering the legal requirements, certification of a signature may be done either by a licensed attorney or by a licensed notary. In this process the lawyer or the notary verifies the identity of the signee and the fulfilment of the relevant legal requirements.

In this article we will learn what certification of a signature is, how it is done and what are the costs involved in the certification of a signature.

When Do We Need A Certification of a Signature?

There are many times in our life when we will need to provide certain documents, to various entities, which will require notarial certification of the signatures. The certification of a signature serves the function of strengthening and reinforcing the credibility of the content and to provide the document with legal validity in certain cases.

We might need a certification of signature in many case, such as: The writing of a will, the validating of certain legal documents, signing on a power of attorney for a mortgage, a notarial power of attorney, certification of documents needed for emigration or overseas study and a whole range of many other varied instances.

Notarial Certification of Signature: How Does the Process Work?

A certification of a signature is carried out face-to face with the lawyer who has been certified as a notary.

At the initial stage the applicant will need to come to the office of the certified notary. At the meeting the notary will check the identity of the person appearing before him through an identification document.

Moreover, another function which the notary must carry out is to ensure that the applicant is aware of what he or she wants. The notary must ensure that the person signing is signing willingly and without any duress or undue pressure.

After checking the identity and willingness of the signee and checking the documents themselves, the notary will sign on the document with a stamp, seal and signature.

How Much Does Certification of Signature Cost with a Notary?

The binding notary tariff is renewed every calendar year (on the 1st of January). Every notary must comply with this notary tariff.

The services must be provided at a uniform price and in accordance with the regulations and the tariff.

Certification of an individual on a a document as the first signee: NIS 165 + VAT;

Signing by an additional signee on the same document: NIS 66 + VAT;

Confirmation of power to sign for another person or corporate body – NIS 66 + VAT

Copy of certification – NIS 66 + VAT.

These prices are valid as of 2021.

Can A Signature be Certified by Zoom?

The new reality created by the coronavirus crisis has thrust us deep into the world of Zoom. It seemed that almost everything went onto Zoom. Many businesses required that employees no longer come to the place of work and that they work through Zoom, saving them the morning traffic jams. Even many universities swapped face to face lectures with on-line study from home. At the end of the day, there’s nothing like our own convenience.

One of the questions which is most frequently asked nowadays is – “Is it possible to remotely notarize a signature?”.

The answer is unambiguously no – there is no such possibility. .

Therefore, to notarize a signature we need to go to the notary’s office to meet him face-to-face together with the original documents and an identification document.

How to Certify a Signature if We are Overseas?

In certain cases a person wishing to certify a signature by a notary finds himself or herself outside of Israel. To notarize a signature overseas there are two possibilities:

The Israeli consul – signing before the Israeli consul in the relevant country: – it is possible to sign before the Israeli consul and the certification of the consul will be recognized in Israel for all intents and purposes.

A notary with an apostille stamp – after certification of the signature by a notary an apostille stamp may be added. .

Certification of Signature by Licensed Attorney with 25 Years Experience  

The office of Frank Mayers specializes I the certification of signatures, notary services and legal translations. Frank Mayers has been a member of the Israel Bar Association since 1987 and is licensed as a notary since 2003.

With more than 25 years of experience, the combination of extensive knowledge of languages and a rich legal background in the theoretical and practical field, you receive all encompassing services which you cannot obtain in every office.

I invite you to make contact today –

Yours, Frank.