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Professional Financial Translations from English into Hebrew and Vice Versa |  Frank Mayers  |  25 Years Experience

In recent years we can see a considerable increase in global investments, such as overseas financial transactions, which were much more infrequent in the past. Following this escalation there is also an increase in the demand to translate various financial documents.

When looking for someone to provide us with financial translation services we must check the goodwill and experience of that entity since every word is important and may cost us tens of thousands of shekels. Our office has experience, of more than 25 years, in translating financial documents.

Do you need to file an official financial translation?: You have come to the right place!

After many years in the local market, your business has started branching out into new markets globally. Until not so long ago many businesses in commerce were restricted to their country of residence. In recent years, together with technological advances, markets have opened up, they have become international and there are endless ways of succeeding, for branding and for sales.

The global market has also created various demands, including the increased demand for official financial translations for your business. These translations may be for the orderly release of a press notice about balance sheets, financial statements, business plans, quarterly financial reports, various sales forecasts, audits, documents of articles of association or bye laws and policy documents, and many other documents which we encounter when working in a global market. 

Professional financial translations by a skilled professional will help us to respond and to make quicker, more efficient and much better decisions.

Financial translations are a necessity and can help maximize your business on the following levels:  Additional profit channels, various opportunities, power and information in understanding business reports and policy documents.

Making the Right Decisions: The Importance of Accuracy in Financial Translations

When we talk about the world of translations in general and financial translations in particular, we learn that accuracy is the name of the game. Whether we are talking about a quarterly report, sales forecasts or even daily stock exchange trade, the translation must be as accurate as possible.

In effect, even the slightest mistake may be a word which is interpreted in a number of ways and can lead us to wrong decisions or choices, leading to a loss of lots of money, time and cause immense confusion.

In whichever country we operate and translate there are financial terms, concepts and financial jargon apposite only in that country, which does not exist in other countries or, alternatively, would mean something else. The translator must not only know the target and source languages very well but must also have extensive knowledge regarding the financial world in that country.

At the office of “Frank Mayers, Advocate & Notary”  – you can breathe a small sigh of relief because we have experience of more than 25 years on the world of financial translations. Frank Mayers was born in Zimbabwe and raised, studied and educated in South Africa and speaks English as a mother tongue. He holds a BA degree in English and an LLB degree in law from the University of Witwatersrand in South Africa. (He also studied Afrikaans and Latin).

The office combines extensive knowledge of language with a rich legal background on both the theoretical and practical field which provides his customers in the area of legal and financial translations with an accurate translation.

Our office with some of the largest law firms in the country and throughout the world and believes in service which puts the client in the center – efficiency, quality and meeting deadlines.

When Do We Need a Financial Translation?

A common question amongst business people operating in global markets is “When do we need a financial translation”?

We encounter the professional translation of financial documents in various situations. This may be due to the need to provide financial statements to law enforcement entities or the courts, for evidence in legal proceedings being conducted overseas in the target country.

On the assumption that you manage a branch both in Israel and overseas, you will need professional translation and to provide information and reports between the company branches. We also meet the need for professional financial translations when seeking a loan or taking finance from various entities in the country in which we operate. (The entities may request that we provide them with financial statements, balance sheets, etc.).

Also in cases of business meetings which may lead to business partnerships, we believe that you will want to show the financial data and viability for working together by way of professional translated reports into the target language.

Compromise on Financial Translations: No Way!

There are certain things that you can compromise on, but professional financial translations should not be one of them. Just like you would not ask an artisan without experience or reputation to fix your plumbing or electrical problems at home, so too you ought not leave you financial statements or financial translations in the hands of an amateur.

The office of Frank Mayers allows you to stand back, relax and enjoy a quality and professional translation which will be as accurate as possible for your needs. Since we have experience of more than 25 years in the world of translation, as well as having a rich legal background and work experience with the leading law firms and entities around the world, we ar sure and certain of the quality of the content you will get.

Your time is important to us. It is precisely because of this that our office strongly believes in providing the best service available – quality, price and quick turn-around times in accordance with a coordinating of expectations which will be made in every interaction with us.

Professional translation? Only with Frank Mayers Feel free to contact us today!

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נוטריון במרכז - מה הם המחירים?

כאשר אנחנו מדברים על ייעוץ משפטי, ותרגום של מסמכים אנו לא מדברים על מחיר קבוע ומעוגן בחוק, אלא על מחיר שנקבע אצל נותן השירות.

מאידך, שירותים נוטריונים הינם שירותים אשר ניתנים לפי שכר שירותים נוטריונים אשר מתעדכן ב -1 בינואר לכל שנה ומחייב את כל הנוטריונים לעבוד לפי מחיר מחייב ואחיד.

את שכר השירותים לנוטריון תוכלו לראות באתר משרד המשפטים, תחת שכר שירותים נוטריונים. (או לחילופין, להקליק על הקישור).

לאחר שהכרנו קצת, אנו מאמינים שהבנתם מה מבדל אותנו משאר המשרדים השונים בנישה שלנו ואנו מזמינים אתכם להצטרף לחוג לקוחותינו.

עבודתינו מתבצעת ללא לאות, הן בסקטור העסקי, הפרטי ואל מול משרדי עורכי דין רבים ברחבי הארץ.