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Frank Mayers

Legal Translations and Notary Services

The law offices of Advocate Frank Mayers is a well established and reputable notary’s office. Frank Mayers has been registered with the Israel Bar Association since 1987 and serves as a notary since 2003.

After approximately 10 years of non-stop work in the civil law field, he decided, in 1995, to start focusing more on legal translations.

Frank Mayers holds an LL.B degree in law from the University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa and holds another B.A. degree in English form the same university. Moreover, he studied Afrikaans, Latin, and legal studies.

The extensive knowledge in languages which Frank Mayers has acquired over the years, as well as his rich legal background is what takes his translations one step further and which allows the notary services in our office to be of a better quality and more accurate, without compromising on tight schedules.

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Notary in Ramat Gan - Licensed Attorney - Frank Mayer (Mayers)

We believe that, from time to time, you must have encountered the term ‘notary’ and the term ‘licensed attorney’ (or ‘advocate’). Many of us may believe that every lawyer is a notary, but this isn’t the case. Every notary in Israel is an advocate, but not every advocate is a notary.

To be a notary in Israel the advocate must show that he or she has been practicing law for 10 years.

Effectively speaking a notary is a lawyer who has been licensed to execute acts which a regular attorney cannot execute – certification of notarial translations, notary certificates, powers of attorney, affidavits, pre-nuptial agreements.

Notary work is true craftsmanship requiring precision, expertise and experience – such as can be found at the offices of Advocate

Frank Mayer ( Mayers ).

Areas of Specialization

Our office provides notary services and specializes in certificates and translations. Our areas of expertise include the following:

Notary certification of signature

In many situations in our lives, we need to obtain notary certification of signatures on documents. Certification of signatures are usually needed for documents which require that the credibility of the signature be reinforced. Common cases where we might require a notary certificate of a signature, include: The writing of a last will and testament, ratification of a pre-nuptial agreement, a power of attorney for a mortgage, a notarial power of attorney, certification of documents for overseas entities for emigration, study, etc.

Translation of contracts

Our office has been working in the private and business sectors for more than 25 years already. When we talk about legal contracts, we talk about a document which sets out how parties are to conduct themselves. When we look at the Israeli legal system and around the world, we see that many contracts turn on the wording and the drafting of the document. Thus, one can understand that legal translation is genuine craftsmanship - there is a need for thorough, uncompromising and precise work and the translators must be familiar with the legal and contractual world.

A notarial power of attorney

we believe that you must have occasionally heard about a notarial power of attorney. This is not strange since we are talking about one of the more common legal acts. When we are talking about a notarial power of attorney we are talking about a document where we allow another person to e4xecute an act in our name on certain subjects. There are a number of different types of notarial powers of attorney: A power of attorney for real estate transactions, a notarial power of attorney for financial transactions with banking institutions and a general power of attorney.

Legal translations for lawyers

Not only corporations and private persons but also lawyers often require legal translations during their work. When we work on documents and contracts in various languages, it is important to have a good, legal and reliable translation because every word has its own power and the incorrect translation of one word can change the entire picture of a contract. Another service which we provide is that of a "notary translation". In this service Frank maters certifies the translation and ratifies its authenticity with his signature. After the notary has signed on the document it may be used in legal proceedings.

Professional Financial Translations

In recent years we can see a considerable increase in global investments, such as overseas financial transactions, which were much more infrequent in the past. Following this escalation there is also an increase in the demand to translate various financial documents. When looking for someone to provide us with financial translation services we must check the goodwill and experience of that entity since every word is important and may cost us tens of thousands of shekels. Our office has experience, of more than 25 years, in translating financial documents.

Apostille Stamp

An apostille is a stamp in accordance with an international treaty, the Hague Convention which was signed at the beginning of the 1960's (and came into force later in Israel). The convention regulates many laws so as to validate and legalize various documents which "travel" between countries. To legalize a document we must have a lawyer licensed as a notary sign and stamp the document. You are certainly wondering where you will encounter an apostille stamp. Well...: Certificates of good standing, birth certificates, succession orders, probate orders, judgements and legal proceedings conducted in that country, etc.

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Frank Mayers

Notary in Tel Aviv. Why Us?


There are dozens of companies today providing various translation services, as well as lawyers who have been licensed as notaries. So, in such a saturated market with quality and credible professionals: Why chose the office of Frank Mayers?

A very good question. We have been working in the field of  law since 1987 and from 1995 our main area of business has been legal translation.

For more than 30 years in the legal world we have met with many clients, both in the business sector and in the private sector and we have learned that there is something in common to both – no-one likes to waste his time, price is of the utmost importance, there are no compromises on quality and nothing is more important than meeting deadlines, that the translation is an “official” translation than can be used in court.


as you have understood, price is something with everyone can identify. The office of Frank Mayers offers reasonable prices and operates in the notary field in accordance with the legally binding tariff.


We believe that our time is important, therefore we take our client's time very seriously. We are available for our clients and provide a rapid response for our clients on various subjects.

Meeting deadlines

no-one likes paying a professional, then to wait a long time and to start sending messages such as "I hope you haven't forgotten me..." Already at the stage of the initial phone call we will provide you with a time frame for the providing of the service.

Uncompromising quality

During the course of more than 30 years in the legal world, more than 20 years with legal translation and having delay with the notary field since 2003, we have accumulated a fair deal of experience. With a combination of extensive knowledge of languages, together with a rich legal background and experience of years in the theoretical and practical fields.

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Notary in the Center - What Are the Prices?

When we talk about legal advice, and the translation of documents, we are not talking about a fixed price entrenched in law, but rather a price set by the service provider.

On the other hand, notary services are service which are provided in accordance with notary service fees which are updated on the 1st of January every year and obligate notaries to work in accordance with a binding and uniform price.

You can see the fees for notary services on the website of the Ministry of Justice, view _Notary Services Fees (Or alternatively, click on the link).


After getting to know each other a bit, we believe that you have understood what makes us stand out from other offices in our niche field, and we invite you to join our circle of customers.

Our work is tireless, both in the business sector, the private sector and with many of the leading law firms in Israel.

נוטריון במרכז - מה הם המחירים?

כאשר אנחנו מדברים על ייעוץ משפטי, ותרגום של מסמכים אנו לא מדברים על מחיר קבוע ומעוגן בחוק, אלא על מחיר שנקבע אצל נותן השירות.

מאידך, שירותים נוטריונים הינם שירותים אשר ניתנים לפי שכר שירותים נוטריונים אשר מתעדכן ב -1 בינואר לכל שנה ומחייב את כל הנוטריונים לעבוד לפי מחיר מחייב ואחיד.

את שכר השירותים לנוטריון תוכלו לראות באתר משרד המשפטים, תחת שכר שירותים נוטריונים. (או לחילופין, להקליק על הקישור).

לאחר שהכרנו קצת, אנו מאמינים שהבנתם מה מבדל אותנו משאר המשרדים השונים בנישה שלנו ואנו מזמינים אתכם להצטרף לחוג לקוחותינו.

עבודתינו מתבצעת ללא לאות, הן בסקטור העסקי, הפרטי ואל מול משרדי עורכי דין רבים ברחבי הארץ.