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Legal Translation Services – The Interface of Legal Knowledge and Linguistic Professionalism

Accurate and quality legal translations are of critical significance and unparalleled importance. In translating legal documents, there is a need to ensure that the translator has the required relevant legal experience and background and that the quality of the translation is no less than the best. Even the slightest error may create problems and difficulties.

Who Needs a Legal Translation?

Advocate Frank Mayers (Mayer) provides quality translation services for leading law firms in Israel and for the legal departments of some of the largest companies operating in Israel, including multi – nationals. Furthermore, Advocate Mayers provides legal translation services for private clients, such as couples prior to entering into a civil marriage overseas, (‘Cypriot Marriages’ or ‘Cyprus Marriages’), students requiring a range of documents for overseas studies, foreign citizenship, etc.

About Advocate Frank Mayers

Advocate Frank Mayers has been a member of the Israel Bar Association since 1987 and a notary since 2003. Advocate Mayers worked as a lawyer for more than 10 years until he started focusing on the area of legal translations. Advocate Mayers has been engaged in legal translations since 1995 and has the experience, background and expertise required for the translating of a wide range of legal documents. Advocate Frank Mayers holds an LL.B. degree as well as a BA degree in law and languages, allowing him to imbue his translations with added value arising from his deep understanding of language and the material being translated.

Legal Translation – Working Methods

Advocate Frank Mayers provides work of the highest standard, quickly, efficiently, accurately and reliably. His wide overview considers the clients’ needs, his expansive legal and linguistic knowledge and his practical knowledge of the working legal world. The legal translation services are provided at reasonable cost and of the highest level of expertise.

Translation Services Provided by the Office

  • Translation of documents from Hebrew to English
  • Translation of documents from English to Hebrew
  • Certificates of Translation
  • Authentication of Translations
  • Translation of legal documents
  • Translation of commercial and business documents
  • Translation of documents for the courts and various authorities.

Please leave details and one of the office’s legal translators will contact you shortly.

נוטריון במרכז - מה הם המחירים?

כאשר אנחנו מדברים על ייעוץ משפטי, ותרגום של מסמכים אנו לא מדברים על מחיר קבוע ומעוגן בחוק, אלא על מחיר שנקבע אצל נותן השירות.

מאידך, שירותים נוטריונים הינם שירותים אשר ניתנים לפי שכר שירותים נוטריונים אשר מתעדכן ב -1 בינואר לכל שנה ומחייב את כל הנוטריונים לעבוד לפי מחיר מחייב ואחיד.

את שכר השירותים לנוטריון תוכלו לראות באתר משרד המשפטים, תחת שכר שירותים נוטריונים. (או לחילופין, להקליק על הקישור).

לאחר שהכרנו קצת, אנו מאמינים שהבנתם מה מבדל אותנו משאר המשרדים השונים בנישה שלנו ואנו מזמינים אתכם להצטרף לחוג לקוחותינו.

עבודתינו מתבצעת ללא לאות, הן בסקטור העסקי, הפרטי ואל מול משרדי עורכי דין רבים ברחבי הארץ.